Pretty China is a 15 lb. chocolate Lhaso Apso/Yorkie mix.    She is spayed and is about two and a half years old.  Although she is looking for a quiet life, she is not necessarily a dog for the older generation.  She needs someone that will be able to take the lead role and keep her “Terrior-tude” in check.  China definitely wants to be boss.  She is good with dogs and cats and older children and will make a loving companion.

Ky-ree should be crowned “Miss Affectionate.”  This sable colored, shepherd mix is just in love with life and everybody in it.  She is about nine months old, spayed and weighs 31 lbs.  She is great with other dogs, kids and cats.  She will require little or no grooming – just a weekly brushing to keep her coat soft.



Ky-ree is currently in the New Leash on Life program at the Craven Correctional Institution where she is being trained by prison inmates to be housebroken, crate trained, leash trained and given basic obedience training.  When she graduates on September 17th, she will be ready to move into her new home.  Her new family will be able to come to graduation, see her strut her stuff, meet her inmate trainer and take her home. 



This pretty Carolina Dog has travelled a long way to get to NC from Florida.  Now she is ready to be a permanent NC resident in keeping with her breed. 

She is about 9 months old, Brindle color, spayed and weighs a svelte 35 lbs.  She is very, very sweet and loves other dogs and cats.  She has never been around children so I would think that only older children would be appropriate.  She is very affectionate and just wants to be loved.  With her short coat, little or no grooming will be necessary. 




Looking for a little older dog.  Susie could be the dog for you.  She is a 3 year old, sable/gray colored, 20 lb. Poodle mix.  She just said goodbye to a litter of puppies, got spayed and is now ready for a new chapter in her life.  Hopefully, more relaxed and loving.  Susie is a bit shy and tentative around people until she gets to know you.  Then she is a love dog.  She is good with other dogs and kids although young children would be too much for her.  If you are looking for a sweet companion dog, Susie is the girl.













If you are interested in adopting one of these wonderful dogs, contact Bonnie Compton at 252-638-2358 and complete an application and email it to her at

The adoption fee is $135. If you are selected, you will be able to attend graduation and take home your dog. Graduation is September 17th



Luna (Grad) is as sweet as cotton candy. This two year old Terrier has captured
the hearts of everyone she comes into contact with.

She only weighs 19 lbs - just the perfect size to sleep at the foot of your
bed. She is wash and wear and will not require any grooming other than an
occasional brushing. Luna is total love and that includes other dogs, cats
and children. If you are looking for a great companion dog, this is the dog
for you.







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Tandy is looking for a home again. Her last home did not work out for her because of family allergies. Tandy is one fun loving dog. Her tail is constantly wagging and she is ready to play and have a good time. Our best guess is that she is a Beagle/Beagle mix with a hint of a few other breeds thrown in to make her interesting. This spayed female is about two years old and weighs 40 lbs. She is a real family dog and loves to be with other dogs but maybe not cats. Do you have a child that would love to have a dog companion? Tandy might be just the one for your family. She loves to run, play ball, Frisbee or settle down and watch an afternoon movie. She just wants to be with her own loving family and will give a lot of love in return. This is the perfect time of the year to adopt – while your children are home from school with time to get to know her.